Ten most toxic CEO quotes 😅

After several years of working in the Startup ecosystem, I think I’ve seen my fair share of madness 🤪. I want to share the most toxic quotes I’ve heard from CEOs.

Disclaimer: I have not only seen toxic, but also wonderful CEOs, especially recently I have had the pleasure of working with very reflected founders & strong leaders.

Ten most toxic CEO quotes on Product Management

  1. Let’s just do it
  2. That can be done on the side
  3. Do we have an API? No? Why not?! Random-Famous-Startup has one!
  4. What do you mean prioritized list? We don’t need to prioritize, we can do stuff in parallel!
  5. Everything is equally important
  6. Until when could we build random-idea xy? .. or.. how much effort is it to build random-idea xy?
  7. I talked to one of our devs, she said feature xy is only 2 hours of effort..

Hm, these are only seven, right? Well, I’m in the middle of an experiment, trying to write as many blog articles as possible in 60 minutes, and I couldn’t think of any more quotes. Don’t hesitate to include your best toxic CEO quotes in the comments. #lean #hashtag

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