Simple ways to start User Testing

1) Test your product with new hires

Recruiting users for your tests is the most annoying and cumbersome part of a User Test. So to just get started, whenever someone is joining your company, you can use her fresh views to get some good feedback.

  1. Participants should not have any tech, design or product background.
  2. If you want to test your current product, they shouldn't have seen it before. Luckily (and shockingly?) only few employees take a look at the company’s product before being hired.
  3. If participants don’t match your target-audience, you can still take their usability feedback, I would not care about their product feedback though

2) Test your product with an online service

With online services such as, within hours, you will get videos of people using your product. They can answer some pre-defined questions as well.

  1. Selection-criteria are mostly demographic
  2. You can not ask specific follow-up questions
  3. It can be mostly used with existing products. Testing wireframes and mockups is more complicated


Testing with new hires is most often limited to Usability Feedback and obviously you need to wait until your company has made a new hire. Using an online service is quite liberating it that sense, in contrast, you have to allocate some budget and you will never get as deep as you could get with real, face to face User Tests.



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