Better communication with Daily Design Reviews

Fostering communication within a team is extremely important. Implementing Daily Design Reviews can prevent a lot of waste.

A common problem

A few weeks ago, during one of our retrospectives, we discovered the following problem: Our designer was spending days on creating new designs, only that later in the technical refinement, most of his ideas were rejected: Stuff which was very easy to implement with the tech-stack of his previous company, would now be almost impossible to realize with our tech-stack. Our designer had worked too isolated and now we were discussing ideas to fix that.

Our solution: Daily Design Reviews

The solution we came up with are daily design reviews: Everyday, 5 minutes before the first goes for lunch, the whole team gathers at the designers desk, and he presents his current work. Everyone can ask questions and give feedback (e.g. “this way it is very difficult to do on mobile”).

The whole thing does not take longer than a few minutes, but has an incredible impact to our process. A quick-win :)

How are you fostering communication between developers and designers? Let me know in the comments!

Product Strategist, Founder, UX