How to scale b2b marketplaces in old, established industries

How to reduce lead time and increase the quality of your software products

The problem

In most companies, we have a large number of specialists who are only responsible for a very small part of the work along the value chain. As the work moves from one expert/silo to another, the handovers cause an incredible amount of overhead.

  1. Move all release-tickets to Done with a board-button.

Ten most toxic CEO quotes on Product Management

  1. Let’s just do it
  2. That can be done on the side
  3. Do we have an API? No? Why not?! Random-Famous-Startup has one!
  4. What do you mean prioritized list? We don’t need to prioritize, we can do stuff in parallel!
  5. Everything is equally…

The chaotic beginning

In the beginning you have a few people working together, everything is super informal. There is almost no need for processes and as people are aligned and the direction is clear, there is not much need for reviews.

Articles produced during the experiment:

Why averages can fool product managers and how to fix it

So, whats the problem with this?

Consider diapers. The average diapers user is around 33 years old. But the real distribution is obviously very different, you gonna have lot’s of baby’s using diapers and lots of seniors using them, thus the average number becomes useless and distorts what’s really going on.

Look at distributions instead!

So instead…

Will Facebook share the fate of cocaine?

When cocaine started to get attention in our western world in around 1880, famous people such as Sigmund Freud were consuming it. At this time, the danger of cocaine was only gradually recognized. As soon as it’s risks were uncovered, society decided to ban it.

A common problem

A few weeks ago, during one of our retrospectives, we discovered the following problem: Our designer was spending days on creating new designs, only that later in the technical refinement, most of his ideas were rejected: Stuff which was very easy to implement with the tech-stack of his previous company, would now be almost impossible to realize with our tech-stack. Our designer had worked too isolated and now we were discussing ideas to fix that.

Our solution: Daily Design Reviews

The solution we came up with are…

Armin Bognar

Product Strategist, Founder, UX

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